As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the global economy, many employees are finding themselves in the unexpected position of being laid off or having their contracts not renewed. If you`re one of the many people in the Netherlands who is facing the prospect of not having your contract renewed due to the pandemic, there are a few key things that you should know.

First and foremost, it`s crucial to understand that you`re not alone. Due to the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to make tough decisions about staffing levels and budgets. Unfortunately, this has meant that some employees have been let go or have not had their contracts renewed.

If you find yourself in this situation, it`s important to be proactive about your job search. Start by updating your CV and LinkedIn profile to make sure that they`re up-to-date and showcase your skills and experience. Reach out to your network and let them know that you`re looking for work, and consider working with a recruiter to help you find job opportunities.

It`s also important to know your rights. Under Dutch law, employers are required to give adequate notice if they plan to terminate an employment contract. Depending on the length of your contract, you may be entitled to a specific amount of notice. If your contract is terminated without proper notice, you may be entitled to compensation.

Finally, it`s important to take care of yourself during this challenging time. Losing a job or having your contract not renewed can be emotionally and financially stressful, so it`s important to prioritize self-care. Make sure that you`re getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying active. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family members, and consider seeking professional help if you`re struggling with anxiety or depression.

In conclusion, if your contract is not being renewed due to COVID-19, remember that you`re not alone. Take proactive steps to find a new job, know your rights, and prioritize self-care. And above all, remember that this too shall pass. With time and effort, you will find a job that is a better fit for you and your skills.